Understanding Non – Structural Ply?

Understanding Non – Structural Ply?

Non-structural plywood is ranked by the type of Glue used to attached the plies together, non structural plywood is glued with C - type and D - type glue, compared to structural plywood which is glued together with A – type and B – type. Adhesives categorized as A-Bond are made from phenol formaldehyde resin and adhesives categorized as B-Bond use melamine-urea-formaldehyde. Of the two, A-Bond is more moisture resistant than B-Bond. On the other hand, non-structural plywood panels are made from C-Bond and D-Bond adhesives; urea formaldehyde resins. They are not suitable for exterior use, because these adhesives will deteriorate when exposed to moisture and changes in temperature.

Non-structural plywood, sometimes known as interior plywood, is more suitable for aesthetic finishes within the home. With a higher grade face compared to D-bond glues, C-bond plywood boards are the better option to choose if you plan on applying paint or similar materials to the boards. 

Furniture, wall linings and ceilings are all examples of where C-bond non-structural plywood would be appropriate, as well as when applying to decorative elements around the home or workspace. C-bond plywood boards also have a higher tolerance to humidity than their D-bond counterparts, which means their ideal for use in high-humidity spaces with internal areas. 


With less of a tolerance to humidity, D-bond plywood boards are best kept away from high-humidity areas when using interior plywood. Though not referred to as being a moisture-resistant product, C-bond plywood products do have a higher moisture resistance than D-bond products do. Other than that, both C-bond and D-bond boards are fairly similar in their applications, however D-bond boards do have slightly more visible blemishes than C-bond boards do, and C-bonds therefore often display a finer finish.


Before you spend money on purchasing your plywood, it’s important to understand the type you need, as well as the bond-type appropriate for the job. Whether you’re looking for the right material for the kid’s outdoor playhouse, or are looking for decorative additions to furniture, there's suitable plywood available to ensure both durability and endurance. Doing this research ahead of your purchase, will help you make and informed decision and making sure the material is appropriate for your project.
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