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The Best Choice For Your Plywood Needs

The simplest and most affordable way to buy plywood is with Plywood Direct. Providing a select range of Radiata Plywood, line interior walls or build temporary walls, cabinetry, crates and more. Achieve builds quickly and easily with a quality product. Popular for both trades and personal DIY projects alike, our core plywood has a smooth finish to give any room a neat aesthetic look. Perfect when left natural or painted over, our small range of plywood in a range of sizes is the ideal choice for a myriad of purposes.

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Three Reasons to Choose Plywood Direct

  1. Minimal range means straightforward shopping
  2. Easy collection from East Tamaki, Auckland
  3. Excellent quality excellent price
A house interior wall panelled with okoume plywood

Home Indoor Solutions

Our poplar core plywood has a smooth and slight pink finish, this plywood can give a room a cozy and homely feel. Great for indoor wall linings and other DIY projects.

Available in 12mm, 9mm, or 6mm.

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A basement panelled with okoume plywood

Barn, Stable & Garage Solutions

Our Plywood is a popular choice for lining your barn, stables, or garage.

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 What is Okoume Plywood?

Plywood Direct’s Okoume plywood is made from the wood of the Okoume tree, with a signature pinkish hue. A durable and versatile product for building and interior needs, our select range helps to reduce the cost for our customers making Okoume Plywood an affordable option. Available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, our fast and friendly team can support your requests to source bulk plywood orders to meet your requirements.

Come to Plywood Direct’s family-owned business for the best prices, premium products and unwavering customer care for all your plywood needs.

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Bulk Importers of Quality Plywood

  • Ease of Use

    Simple and Quick Solutions for your building projects.

  • Family Owned Business

    NZ Family Business serving our local community.

  • Great Price

    Great deals on all our plywood products.

  • Excellent Communication

    Fast and Responsive customer service.